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Mattress Types

If you’re looking for where to buy a mattress in the Elyria, Cleveland, Lorain, Parma, Bay Village, Ohio area, there’s no better choice than Kaplan's Furniture. Not only does Kaplan's Furniture have a great selection of mattresses and foundations, but we employ a team of skilled sleep specialists trained on the ins and outs of mattresses and sleep science. Our mattress experts can help answer your questions and guide you to the perfect type of mattress for you. Here are some of the popular mattress types that we carry:

Firm Mattress – firm and extra firm mattresses are best for stomach sleepers. While your head is twisted to the side, the firm mattress prevents back and neck pain by keeping your body in alignment.

Plush MattressPlush mattresses have a soft layer of quilting making them softer than firm mattresses but less soft than pillow top mattresses. These are good mattresses for side sleepers, because they allow your body to sink in to eliminate stress to your pressure points while the mattress contours your curves.

Pillow Top or Euro Top MattressPillow top mattresses include several extra inches of padding on top making them extra soft. These are good mattresses for side sleepers who experience hip and shoulder pain, and are also perfect mattresses for back pain sufferers.

Innerspring MattressInnerspring mattresses with pocketed coils are great mattresses for couples because they reduce motion transfer to the other side when one partner moves in bed.

Memory Foam MattressMemory foam mattresses contour your body and make it easy to sleep on your side, so they are great for women during a pregnancy. A memory foam mattress with cooling gel is a good performance option for hot sleepers, and all memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic so they are good for allergy sufferers.

Organic Mattress – Bamboo mattresses and natural latex mattresses are made with organic materials. The natural materials provide excellent ventilation, so they are good mattresses for hot sleepers, and they are also hypoallergenic.

Hybrid Mattress – Hybrid mattresses combine two construction types, usually innerspring coils combined with foam, latex, or memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are good for back sleepers because they reduce pressure on your shoulders and back but provide enough support to prevent you from sinking in.

Adjustable MattressAdjustable mattresses can be combined with an adjustable bed base to raise or lower the head or foot of the bed as needed. Adjustable mattresses are good for people with a snoring problem or those who struggle with acid reflux. A split mattress paired with an adjustable base is great for couples because each side of the bed can be raised and lowered independently.

Mattress In a Box – Reduce your hassles with shipping and delivery with a Mattresses in a Box. These mattresses use a special technology to compress them down to the size of a small box for easier handling. You just have to put it on your bed base, cut the packaging, and watch it expand into a Queen Size mattress!

Sheets, Pillows, and Bedding

Kaplan's Furniture offers everything you need to set up your bedroom from the bed itself, to the mattress, mattress pad, mattresses protector, pillows, sheets, and comforter. Start with a metal bed frame followed by a box spring or Bunkie Board to support your mattress and prevent sagging. Next add a mattress pad to hold your mattress in place. Mattress and pillow protectors can be used to protect from dead skin and dust mite allergens. Choose cotton sheets, linen sheets, bamboo sheets, or a complete Queen bedding set. Performance bedding and pillows are great for controlling your body temperature or wicking away sweat. We offer sheets and bedding in every size from Twin XL to California King. Finally finish off with a cozy comforter and duvet cover or make it easy with a complete Bed in a Bag.