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What makes your store different from other furniture stores?

Two things. First, we have the fairest pricing philosophy possible, one price for all. We would never allow our customers to overpay if they missed the “holiday sale.” No one overpays because they didn’t buy enough furniture to get the “package price.” No one overpays because they didn’t happen to know the manager’s next door neighbor. Our everyday prices reflect what we believe the furniture is worth—no games, no deadlines. Second, our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction is unmatched. Some people want guidance, while others want space, and we will respect your wishes either way. When you are ready for guidance, will give the most honest advice possible, including the advantages and disadvantages of each piece you would like to consider. And with the most liberal return policies and store warranties in the industry, you can be confident we will take responsibility if things don’t go smoothly.

Are all the things found on your website also found in the showrooms?

Actually, no. The manufacturers that we carry allow us to link our website to their websites, and this creates an online “idea book” that will often inspire customers and start the shopping process. From those thousands of options, Kaplan’s will display in its showrooms a few hundred of what we believe will be the best selling pieces.

Do you ship outside of Ohio?

No. Part of the problem is that we are not a chain that has a presence at dozens or hundreds of locations across the country. When the customer buys furniture from a store that is a great distance away, there is a good chance they will be gambling away a level of service. The farther the furniture travels in transit, the greater the chance of shipping damage. And the farther the customer lives, the longer it will take for problems to be corrected if they should arise. We would recommend the customer not take that gamble and deal with a local retailer.

Why are there no prices on the website?

This is out of consideration for other retailers that may be in parts of the country with a higher cost of living. Nearly all the furniture we sell comes from manufacturers that sell their merchandise from coast to coast. The vast majority of furniture stores outside of Ohio couldn’t sell furniture at typical Ohio prices and expect to stay in business. A consumer that lives outside of Ohio and visits our website may not realize this. And since we don’t sell furniture to consumers that live beyond our normal trading area, those customers put their local retailers in an awkward position when they are expected to give a Kaplan’s price.

Do you offer interior design services?  What does this cost?

We do have several qualified interior design consultants. Within the showroom their advice is free of charge. In-home consultations are a private arrangement between the client and the designer, and the fees for those jobs are quoted by the designer based on the scope and location of the job.